Economy Garden Shed

These sheds are for our budget conscious customers. Instead of throwing away our 18" cut off pieces of siding from other sheds, we use them on these sheds.We install a z-bar trim in the splices ( note the dark lines) to ensure there is no leakage.We guarantee a well built structure!
Price of these structures includes:
pressure treated floor
Pressure treated T-11 siding
8' wide buildings are priced with a 4' door with key and lock
10' wide ad larger are priced with a 6' door with key and lock
30 year architectual shingles or metal
Free delivery first 60 miles from Peru,Ne

Starting at 
Stained Sheds

Economy Garden Shed: Stain pricing

SizeCashRTO 36
8' x 8'
$70.14 per month
8' x 12'
$93.29 per month
10' x 12'
$109.49 per month
10' x 16'
$136.11 per month

Economy Garden Shed: Options

Single Pane WindowsDouble Pane WindowsDoors, Ramps, Ladders
Metal or Vinyl Sheds

Economy Garden Shed: Metal and vinyl pricing

SizeCashRTO 36RTO 60