Site Preparation

When preparing your location for the  arrival of the shed, there are several options that will insure your structure has a level foundation upon which to sit.

gravel pad ready for shedshed on prepared siteblocks can be used for shed base

We have found the best footing is a rock pad. It is best to have four inches of 1" rock and to allow at least one foot additional space around the building.

We have also used a less expensive option... cinder blocks. The ground should be fairly level to use this option. It generally takes about 10 blocks per structure. It is highly recommended that a gravel base of approximately three inches is installed to allow  run-off from rain and water.

Please view the diagrams below to determine the placement of block supports based on the width of your building.

8' wide
eight foot wide site prep diagram
10' wide
ten foot wide site prep diagram
12' wide
Diagram of the 12' shed size.
14' wide
fourteen foot wide site prep diagram
16' wide
Diagram of the 16' shed size.