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Storage Shed Styles

Floorless Storage Shed Models

We deliver buildings without floors to be placed straight on your prepared foundation. Floorless models are offered for the same price as a shed with a floor. Why not cheaper? Because we build the floorless models with modifications in labor, materials and construction. This assures durability through transport and delivery with years of service. These modifications are equal to the cost of a floor.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Storage Shed

  • You can order most any building with no floor for installation on your slab.
  • Customer is responsible for site preparation and permits.
  • We are not liable for ruts or property damage.
  • 12’ and 16’ wide buildings measure from eave-to-eave.
  • A 50% deposit is required when order is placed.
  • Payment in full due upon delivery.
  • The sheds with a width less than 12’ are measured to the outside of the walls.

Our Storage Shed Warranty

You know we talk about quality and how well we build your shed. Do we really mean it? Do we stand behind it? Absolutely! We offer a 7 Year Workmanship Warranty on your structure. Ask your dealer for details, terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a permit for my backyard shed?
Municipality and local HOA regulations vary, contact your local government office and home owners association (if applicable) to determine if paperwork or permits are required. You will be responsible for obtaining any required permits and the fees associated with them.

If you are intending to purchase a structure with a wooden floor, this is considered “portable”, make sure the official you speak with understands this is not a permanent structure. In most cases, property taxes will not be affected if the building is not permanent and the pad is permeable.

Can I choose the location of the door and windows on my shed?
Yes, our shed models are customizable to accommodate your specific needs. Use our online Shed Designer to configure your shed as desired.

Will the windows on my shed open and do they have screens?
Our standard windows have screens and are single hung allowing the bottom half to slide up and down.
Any transom, octagon shaped, or other specialty windows will not open and are purely meant for aesthetics and allowing light to enter the building.

Can the shingles on my shed roof match my house roof?
While we do offer shingle roofs, we do not provide the option of matching your existing house roof. You can view our available shingle colors on our options page.

Do you use pressure treated wood on the floor?
Our shed floors come with pressure treated runners (4×6’s) on the underside and all floor joists are pressure treated as well. All sheds come standard with a ¾” tongue and groove subfloor.

Can you finish the interior of my storage shed?
We have not been offering interior finish work on our sheds currently. However, you can hire a contractor or finish the interior yourself once your building has been delivered.

What size storage shed do I need?
We have a large selection of standard sizes available. Sizing a shed properly can be a bit challenging. One solution is to take the items you are planning to store in your shed and arrange them on your driveway in the manner you want them to be stored in the shed. Then measure the layout of your items and add just a bit more space to be sure.

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