When we started our company, we made a conscious decision to invest in the best equipment we could find. Our equipment and crew can deliver structures up to 48′ in length! If there is no access to the location you select for your larger structure, we can build your storage unit at your location with additional fees and prep charges.

Watch our delivery process!

We Can Also Deliver Your Structure with No Floor!

What is the Mule? The Mule is our heavy duty shed forklift that allows us to access tight places where a delivery trailer cannot maneuver.

Here’s how this techno-savvy tool helps us with your installation…

  1. We unload your shed on the street or on your driveway.
  2. We unload The Mule.
  3. We then place flotation tires under one end of your shed with The Mule on the other end.
  4. We can now drive The Mule with your shed attached to your prepared site location.

Helpful Tips to Make Delivery Easy

  • Have tree limbs trimmed back 12” further then the width of your building. For example if you order a 12’ building please have accessible driveway 13’. We need 10’ vertical clearance on most sheds with no loft, and a 13’ vertical clearance on most sheds with lofts.
  • If your lawn has a sprinkler system, please mark all sprinkler heads with flags etc.

Purchaser’s Responsibility

Site leveling, preparation, and permits are the purchaser’s responsibility. Mid-America Structures LLC cannot be responsible for any adverse effects an uneven pad may have on your new structure. However, our drivers will do their best to satisfactorily position your structure in place and make sure your doors and windows are working properly before they leave.

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