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Elite Series Structures

Best Shed Builder in Nebraska

Introducing the new Elite series! We’ve added this latest collection with more refined features to upgrade your backyard look. Dormer windows and a steeper pitch roof with gable overhangs give a polished look, while the tall side wall still provides ample room inside. And don’t forget, these all come with a loft area!

Whether you need storage space or a quaint chalet, our new Elite series offers a classy choice to suit your style.

Floorless Elite Series Prefab Buildings

We deliver prefab buildings without floors to be placed straight on your prepared foundation. Floorless models are offered for the same price as a shed with a floor. Why not cheaper? Because we build the floorless models with modifications in labor, materials and construction. This assures durability through transport and delivery with years of service. These modifications are equal to the cost of a floor.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Prefab Building

  • You can order most any prefab building with no floor for installation on your slab.
  • Customer is responsible for site preparation and permits.
  • We are not liable for ruts or property damage.
  • 12’ and 16’ wide buildings measure from eave-to-eave.
  • A 50% deposit is required when order is placed.
  • Payment in full due upon delivery.
  • The sheds with a width less than 12’ are measured to the outside of the walls.

Our Prefab Building Warranty

You know we talk about quality and how well we build our prefab buildings. Do we really mean it? Do we stand behind it? Absolutely! We offer a 7 Year Workmanship Warranty on your structure. Ask your dealer for details, terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it cheaper to build a shed or by one already made?
If you enjoy DIY projects you may be able to build one for slightly less than our prefab buildings. However your savings will not be significant since in most cases you will pay more for the materials, which will be offset by your savings on labor.

The bottom line is buying a prefab building will save you time and hassle, while building it yourself could save you a few dollars.

Will you add shelves to the inside of my shed?
Yes, we offer a number of customizations to our prefab buildings including the location of shelves. Use our Shed Designer to start designing your custom shed today!

Can I have my prefab building finished in a custom paint color?
Yes for a small up-charge we can get a custom paint match of whatever color you desire. You will need to provide us with the manufacture and color code or name.

Does a prefab building need to be anchored to the ground?
Anchoring our buildings is not necessary unless specified by your local zoning laws. However, we can install an anchor kit for you for an additional fee. Or you can purchase the kit and install it yourself.

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