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Rent To Own Options

Tired of paying monthly fees for a commercial storage unit? Have the benefit of your own custom storage shed with minimal cost up front!

Our Rent-To-Own storage sheds offer similar payments as the monthly rental on a commercial self storage unit. You will enjoy the convenience of an attractive unit located in your own backyard with no more running to town to grab something out of your rented storage unit. 

How it works… 

Our Rent-To-Own provider purchases the building from us for you. By making a minimal deposit the structure will then be conveniently placed on your property.  You will then make monthly rental payments to the RTO Provider. When you successfully make all your rental payments the structure becomes yours at the end of the term! We offer a variety of term lengths from 24-60 months! The best part- No Credit Check and No Early Purchase Penalties! Contact your local dealer today to find the program that works best for you!

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